About Myself

I was born in the mid 70′s in Berlin, Germany. Already at the beginning of middle school I grew very much interested in computers and programing, writing little games in BASIC on the VIC20 (an, even then, very old computer - I had fun anyway). The internship we had to do in 9th grade, I did in a physical research facility called Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, where I wrote an ATARI pascal program for measuring the quality of a laser over a long active period. That was my first reallyuseful program, and I’m still very proud of it :) .

After school I investigated several possibilities and decided to study mathematics, a very good choice by the way. I concentrated on differential geometry and mathematical visualization, and was part of a team that created a program for mathematical visualization called JavaView, while I was a student. Finally I received my diploma (Dipl. math. techn.). My diploma thesis was about analyzing vector fields with a discrete version of Hodge-Helmholtz-Decomposition.

I stayed at university as a research assistant for two years, first at the Zuse-Institute Berlin, then at FU Berlin, working in cooperation with Tebis AG on curvature based modeling and design of curves and surfaces. I realized that I didn’t want to stay at university, though, so I looked for a different future.

When I came over a job offer from Trolltech, which just before opened a developer office in Berlin, I knew the name and their main product Qt only casually from Linux and the KDE Desktop. But they seemed to be a bunch of very competent and nice people, so I applied and, well, I became a happy troll, creating cool software for a living. And I can confirm that they are a bunch of very competent and nice people :).

In 2008, Trolltech was bought by Nokia, both for the cross-platform technology and the people. The cool thing is, that this made the project I was working on to actually get decent funding, and became one of the foundations of Nokia’s developer offering: The Nokia Qt SDK, with me being one of the core developers and architects of the Qt Creator IDE.

In my spare time I love singing, archery, and a bit of casual drawing and old handcrafts like tablet weaving.

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